Slumming the clearance aisle


Slumming the clearance aisleTake these tips with a grain of salt, I’m hardly an expert, but I figured if I struggled through the experience to arrive at a decent solution, I should be kind enough to save those embarking on their own journey some time and trouble. That being said, my first tip… slum the clearance aisle.

If you’re just getting started with gender bending fun, there’s a couple of realities you should acknowledge:

  • You don’t really know what you’re doing. It’s a harsh reality, but you’ve been dressing and performing in one gender role your entire life. Gender is performance art, but switching it up means learning a whole new set of rules.
  • You don’t know what works for you. Sizing, colors, cut, it’s all up in the air. You need some trial and error to learn.
  • Part of the thrill of crossdressing and gender play is having options to work with. One outfit would be boring… lots of outfits gives you room to play.

When I started looking for clothing and makeup, I was shocked at the sticker prices. I didn’t want to shell out tons of cash for items I wasn’t sure about in terms of fit and how they looked on me. I started hitting up stores with slashdown prices and just being liberal in terms of what I was willing to try (Rugged Wearhouse, TJ Maxx, etc.).

I’ve picked up most of my makeup at 70% off or better and I’ve hit several sales where I’ve walked away with clothing pieces for $1-3 each.

What I’ve learned is that using this approach allows me to try something out in a non-judgmental environment and allows me time to experiment with it. Makeup has been a hilarious process of trial and error for me, so I’m glad to have the room to put it on, take it off, and put it on again. I’ve probably blown through 10 pairs of now mangled fake lashes just trying to put the fucking things on.

Clothing has been the same story. Sizing is a bitch and fit is hard to nail when you’re combining pieces to make outfits. I’ve learned what works for my body type and that’s created a lot more confidence for me. You can of course catch some of my awesome clothing steals on my Instagram feed.

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