Body Work

Transforming the masculine form into something feminine is both the literal and metaphorical equivalent of “putting lipstick on a pig”. It takes talent, dedication,and the hard work of those in sweatshops worldwide to make it event remotely believable.

It all depends on what you’re going for, so as always, don’t take my advice as gospel, by all means do your own thing. Some folks are happy with being a hairy pantie boy, while others (myself included) want to see how well they can mimic the female form. This is my journey, take what you need then go your own way. This also isn’t a post about body shaming, everyone has something different in mind for their ideal body and there is no one ideal body type… this is about your decisions to create the body you want.

Thongs are a horrible choice in underwear if you have man parts. Unless you purchase a male-specific thong, your shit is going to be dangling to one side or the other all day. They look great on your ass, but if you want something that you can wear comfortably and look good in on both sides at once, go with something lace and cheeky. The lace gives enough stretch for your package to fit while the cheeky gives you all the benefits of a thong (highlighting and dividing your ass cheeks). Here are some of my favorites:

Smart & Sexy Women’s 2-Pack Boyleg – These are real cheek huggers, after a few minutes of wear the had a near thong-like fit. It was glorious.Smart & Sexy’s Lace Tanga Panty 2 Pack

Smart & Sexy Lacey Cheekini Panty

Curvy Cutout High-Waisted Cheeky Panty – If you have larger hips like myself, go for these, they really show off the goods.

Shapewear is a girl’s best secret. You have two options with shapewear. You can get something that trains your body long-term or you can go with something that gets everything pushed into the right place for your outfit. I’m actually a fan of both.

Latex corsets offer a good option to shape instantaneously while producing lasting results. I wear mine for around 6 hours a day and have seen positive results.

Charmian Women’s Leopard Latex Underbust – These things are oddly comfortable. Make sure to read up on the sizing (and for god’s sake measure yourself with a cloth tape measure). I’d also recommend going ahead and buying your size and the next size down; I realized really fast results and had to wait on the smaller size.

Body suits are another great option. With the right bodysuit/corset combination, you’ll be able to create killer body that performs in even the most demanding, form-fitting clothing.

Sunzel Women’s Body Briefer Smooth Wear

One of my biggest mistakes early on in dressing was letting the male me trying to influence my bra and fake boob selection. Sure bigger is better, but it’s also harder to manage and can make finding the right clothes a chore. Ultimately, I’ve backed off that approach and toned it down to a “B” cup. I really love Smart and Sexy’s pushup bras because the give the right amount of boob without looking like a floppy, silicone filled disaster.

In my first post, I pointed out that a killer look is a function of finding the right clothes for your body. Personally, I’ve had a luck with skirts and more form fitting clothing, but I have the advantage of being slim and lanky. Don’t commit to any one type of clothing until you really figure out what works for. This goes all the way down to the bra and panties.

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